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Mix II Schedule

As of 5/1/17

Times Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday

12 AM

Mix Desert Island Favorites

1 AM

2 AM

3 AM

4 AM

5 AM

6 AM

Mix Country

with News from FSN

Mix Smooth Jazz

with News from FSN

Desert Island Favorites
with News from FSN

Nostalgia/Big Band

with News from FSN

Mighty 690

(Best from 1978 to 1984) with News from FSN

All Mixed Up


Mix Christian Music

7 AM

8 AM

9 AM

10 AM

11 AM

12 Noon

Night Songs

1 PM

Moon Songs

2 PM

Rain Songs

3 PM

4 PM

Sun Songs

5 PM

Fire Songs

6 PM

Jammin' Oldies

Mix Desert Island Favorites Pure Rock Mix Desert Island Favorites Mix Dance Mix Summer Songs

Mix Classical Music

7 PM

8 PM

Disco Friday

Saturday Night

Dance Party

9 PM

10 PM

11 PM



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