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"Crazy 89.5 FM", Gardena, California 1994

Crazy 89.5 FM came on the air on September 10th, 1994 in Gardena, California on Saturday afternoon utilizing a Realistic Silent Play transmitter which was originally designed as a wireless stereo audio sender for video game units. But, obviously, I had other intentions for that Silent Play transmitter! Using a Realistic audio mixing board with various audio inputs including a microphone input of course and feeding the output of the mixer into the audio input of the Silent Play transmitter and powering the silent play with an external power source and connecting a resonant 1/4 wave ground plane antenna to the transmitter to increase it's range. The antenna was mounted on the wall in my bedroom. The first thing I played on this new station of mine was the Enya CD. I played various things including oldies and church sermons, etc.

C8953.jpg (32573 bytes)  Crazy 89.5, KRZY, Gardena California, Equipment Rack

C8952.jpg (32573 bytes)  Crazy 89.5, KRZY, Gardena California, Transmitter/Antenna

C8953.jpg (32573 bytes)  Crazy 89.5, KRZY, Gardena California, Transmitter (Close-Up)

C8954.jpg (166371 bytes)  Crazy 89.5, KRZY, Gardena California, Coverage Map

C8955.jpg (111723 bytes)  Crazy 89.5, KRZY, Gardena California, Coverage Map (Detailed)


"The Sound Of Joy" 90.5 FM, Orem, Utah 1994

Because of a layoff situation at the job I held in Los Angeles, I ended moving to Utah. (LDS I am not!) I moved into an apartment in a town called Orem, Utah and reassembled my FM radio station and choose 90.5 as the frequency. At first I continued using my Slient Play, then shortly after I moved in, I purchased a Ramsey FM-10A stereo transmitter kit, built it and put it on the air. Most of the programming was Christian praise music and sermons. I covered most of Orem, Utah with this signal as well as parts of the nearby city of Provo, Utah.

SOJ.jpg (10177 bytes)  The Sound Of Joy 90.5, Orem Utah, Bill, the setup

SOJ1.jpg (21454 bytes). The Sound Of Joy 90.5, Orem Utah, Equipment, Transmitter/Antenna

SOJ2.jpg (23123 bytes)  The Sound Of Joy 90.5, Orem Utah, Equipment (Poor Quality Photo)

SOJ3.jpg (14345 bytes)  The Sound Of Joy 90.5, Orem Utah, Equipment (Poor Quality Photo)


"South Provo Radio" 90.5 FM, Provo, Utah 1995

Because of financial constraints, I moved into a ground floor apartment in the Southern section of Provo, Utah. Because of being on the ground floor with an indoor groundplane antenna, my station coverage was not as good as it was in Orem, Utah. I continued using my Ramsey FM-10A transmitter and playing a mixture of mainly Christian contemporary and praise music and sermons and now and then, got radical and played some rock, reggae and even some hard metal.

"Spirit 96FM" 95.9 FM, Provo, Utah 1997

The Move to 95.9 began a new era as "South Provo Radio" joined the Spanish Fork Broadcasting Family and became "Spirit 96 FM" We began to improve the equipment, We purchased a new Transmitter (Ramsey FM-25) and in 1998 began using a computer automation system and played a mixed bag format during the week and Saturday and on Sunday a praise and worship format.

S96.jpg (20794 bytes)  Spirit 96FM (95.9), Provo Utah, Equipment Rack


"Midi 95.9 FM", Provo, Utah 1999

Another Spanish Fork Broadcasting first??? Or something like that, in early 1999 we changed the format to an all MIDI format, after hearing the quality of the XG format, we thought, what the heck and MIDI 95.9 was born.

M959.jpg (23849 bytes)  MIDI 95.9FM, Provo Utah, Equipment Rack

 Bill at Midi 95.9

  MIDI 95.9FM, Provo Utah, 1st. Logo

  MIDI 95.9FM, Provo Utah, 2nd. Logo

  MIDI 95.9FM, Provo, Utah, Coverage Map

fm25.jpg (26240 bytes)  MIDI 95.9FM, Provo Utah, Transmitter


"Mix 95.9 FM", Provo Utah, January 2000

Kicking off the new century, we decided it would be easier to format both Mix in Spanish Fork (Which is our flagship station) and Mix Provo the same, we flipped the Mix 95.9 FM in Spanish Fork to all Christian, the Mix in Provo only carries music while Mix in Spanish Fork also carries news and other programming.. if you'd like to see our playlist click the Playlist on MIX 95.9/930 it is the same as ours.

  Mix 95.9FM,  Provo Utah, Logo (final logo in Provo)


"92.9 FM", Spanish Fork, Utah, April 2000

Well here we go again, in May 2000 we moved the station to Spanish Fork in with The Mix 95.9 and moved frequency to 92.9..of course you can't have two stations on the air on the same frequency at the same time..hee hee, keeping the Christian format and returning the Mix to Rock & Roll and moved the news and all other satellite programming to 92.9, we have also purchased more equipment to improve the sound quality.

  92.9FMs First Spanish Fork Logo

  92.9FM Spanish Fork Utah, equipment configuration.


"92.9 The Fish", Spanish Fork, Utah, January 2001

After fixing a piece of equipment and FINALLY getting the thing to sound right we added a lot of music and gave the station a make-over or image change and wa-la 92.9 The Fish was born ... We think she is top quality now!!!!!!!!

The Fish 92.9, Logo from 1/2001 to 1/2002


"The Mix 95.9/92.9 FM", Spanish Fork, Utah, January 2002

After one year and due to financial problems 92.9 The Fish gave up it's independent status and began simulcasting The Mix 95.9. For our Christian audience we now offer extended Christian programming on Sunday on The Mix.

"The Mix 95.9/99.9 FM", Spanish Fork, Utah, May 2002

Moved to 99.9 for better coverage.

"99.9 The Fox", Spanish Fork, Utah, February 2003

Thanks to a generous donation from my longtime friend Joe Goria, we were able to get new equipment and start once again programming the station independently .....more to come.

Logo for 99.9 The Fox '02 to '04


"Black Sunday" July 6, 2003

99.9 The Fox discontinues operations

"Variety 93.9", Aurora, Colorado, January 2005

Yes it's back but in another state

  Logo 1 for Variety 93.9 from 2005 to 2007

Logo 2 for Variety 93.9 from 2005 to 2007

Bill at Variety 93.9


"Variety 93.7", Denver, Colorado, April 2007

After a relocation, we are back on the air, serving a slightly wider area, but still part-15

  93.7 Logo 1

93.7 Logo 2

  Variety 93.7 Equipment Rack

  Variety 93.7 Transmitter


"Variety 104.7", Denver, Colorado, April 2010

After changes in the Denver Market we have moved to 104.7

Variety 104.7 Logo 1

Variety 104.7 Logo 2

  Variety 104.7 Equipment Rack

  Variety 104.7 Transmitter


"Variety 104.7", Denver, Colorado, March 1, 2011

After 6 years and 3 months Variety 104.7 ceased operations at 8 PM, Tuesday, March 1, 2011 right after the top of the hour ID, there are no future plans at this time to restart the station, all the equipment will return to the SFB headquarters in Utah for storage.... So long Denver and thanks for listening!!

"The Death of a Friend" Payson, Utah, November 9, 2015

William "Bill" Wolverton passed away from cancer early 11/9/2015 in Payson Utah, Without Bill this station wouldn't have existed, he built all of the transmitters and financed pretty much all of the equipment, he will be sorely missed.

"Mix II", Spanish Fork, Utah, March 14, 2017

IT RETURNS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We are returning with a second offering called Mix II, Mix II is dedicated to the memory of Bill Wolverton, right now it is running our Desert Island list Monday through Saturday and Christian music on Sunday, we will be making improvements as we are able.

"Mix II", Spanish Fork, Utah, May 1, 2017

Mix II begins regular programming, visit the schedule page for details!


"Mix Combined" June 16, 2023

So we decided on May 15th to unceremoniously combine the 2 stations into one program feed, the idea was to preserve the best of both stations, the reason for this is the rising cost of ...... well everything,. Mix 2 served Spanish Fork for 6 years.



The histories for "Crazy 89.5", "Sound Of Joy" and "South Provo Radio" were written by Bill Wolverton who then owned the station, Spanish Fork Broadcasting took over operations in September 1998 (kinda like an LMA), Bill continued on as manager till April 2000 when Spanish Fork Broadcasting Purchased the station and Moved it to Spanish Fork. Bill now works for SFB as station engineer, in 2003 Bill moved Colorado and we moved the station with him, it is still owned and operated by SFB and retains ALL rights to it! Mach 1, 2011 Variety 104.7 closes and equipment is returned to SFB


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