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Here are some frequently asked questions


Q:  Is AM 930 really broadcasting in Stereo?

A:  Yes!!! AM 930 uses an AM transmitter equipped with a Motorola C-QUAM Stereo chip, this allows a true Stereo broadcast.


Q:  Is your station broadcasting legally?

A:  YES!! The radio station complies with FCC rules pertaining to Part-15 broadcasts


Q:  Do you play commercials?

A:  No


Q: Is KMXU your FCC callsign?

A: Uhhhhh......actually no, we use it because it so fits Mixutah, KMXU was the call of a station that broadcasted from Utah for many years, we use KMXU for "entertainment" purposes only


Q: Does Mixutah make any money????

A: No, No and No, we also do not ask for donations.


Q: Is Mixutah actually broadcasting live?

A: Yes and No, The Yes part is what you hear on the net is what is going out locally here in Spanish Fork AS it is going out locally. The No part is most of the time Mixutah is automated from a computer system, sometimes we open the mic and go 100% live but not often as I'd like to, due to just not having time, a sad fact of life for the present, Mixutah is mostly (locally) a one man show, thus I can't be behind the mic as much as I want to






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