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"92.5 The Flange" August, 1994

Yes it was the summer of '94 and the Flange was born using a Radio Shack Silent Play transmitter and getting a coverage of 3 blocks (UGH!!) we went on the air part-time at first but by September 25, 1994 we were broadcasting full-time. The name "The Flange" was thought up by Benjamin Reed a friend of mine I met at Radio Shack in January of 1993, he was a radio freak as am I so we hit it off and later worked together at AM960 KOVO in Provo Utah that all didn't last long, I went on to other things and Ben went back to Radio Shack where he discovered the "Silent Play" transmitter which was intended to transmit the audio of a video game unit, well we used it for other purposes!! I played a mix of my personal record collection which is a mix of music from the 20's to current hits when I was live and a digital music service (which will remain nameless) when I was not around, this worked out well and I was able to bring a constant new influx of programming 24/7.

"92.9 The Flange" October, 1994

As fall settled in over Spanish Fork KTCE in Payson came on the air so we had to move to 92.9, we kept the name and continued broadcasting the same format. In November I purchased a Ramsey FM-10A transmitter this greatly improved our signal, with this transmitter we we're able to cover most of Spanish Fork, we also began experimenting with an AM transmitter. In December we tried the great experiment which has now become a tradition "The Month Of Christmas" where we play nothing but Christmas music all month long....it worked out quite well and we've done it every year since.

"Star 93.7 FM" January, 1995

As the snow feel the frequency changed January 1, 1995 we also decided to change the name to Star 93.7 this was also an idea of Ben's as the Flange started to get old, once again playing the same format we continued broadcasting 24/7. There is not much to say about Star 93.7 because we we're not on that frequency very long, the frequency was very clean at first but by March was overrun by interference...Oh well.

"Spanish Fork's Music Station 90.5FM/AM830" March, 1995

As Spring rose over Spanish Fork so did "Spanish Fork's Music Station" since I hate the Non-Commercial broadcast band I didn't do much with it during this time, but I did get my first phone call from a listener on this frequency, we also began using an AM transmitter from 6AM to 6PM daily and purchased a Ramsey FM-25 transmitter which is PLL synthesized so no more tuning up the transmitter!!!!! This frequency gave us the best coverage as we covered almost all of Spanish Fork.

"The Mix 95.9FM/AM930" May, 1996

Well a year went by and thanks to KXRK (then 96.1) moving to 96.3 we we're able to get back on the commercial band!!! 95.9 provided excellent coverage and was in a good location on the dial for listeners and once again renewed my interest in the station and the "Mix" was born I began doing more live shows and continued to transmit the Digital audio service the rest of the time it wasn't till 1998 on our 4th anniversary did things really start to cook!!!! I discovered the MP3 format in August and by the end of September 1998 we had the computer running the station full-time. We also began broadcasting 24/7 on the AM band on 930KC with a Ramsey AM-25 which like the FM-25 is PLL Synthesized, no more run away station!!!! The Mix 95.9 now runs a more structured format during the week...for more information go back to the Mix main page and click Mix Format. The Mix 95.9 ran a Christian format from 1/2000 till 3/2000, after that we began the current format of "Hits from the 50's to today"

"Mixutah.com" March 14, 2002

The mix makes it permanent home on the internet as mixutah.com is born

"Black Sunday" July 6, 2003

The Mix 95.9 discontinues operations

"The Return!!!" July 7, 2003

After a visit from the FCC we were told that we were putting out too much power, oh well, so we took ALL the necessary steps to comply with the rules, at this time AM 930 also gets a new AM STEREO transmitter......More to come

"The Mix 94.5 and AM Stereo 930" September, 2004

KMGR Delta moves from 95.7 to 95.9 and moves the transmitter 40 miles south of  Spanish Fork, oh well we move again...

"The Mix 94.5 and AM Stereo 930, Mixutah.com" February 20, 2006

The Mix returns to the internet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The mix begins webcasting 24/7 to the world via Live365.....LEGALLY!!!!!

"Mixutah.com and more" September 2006

Mixutah.com expands to include the following, Mixutah.biz, .co.uk, .info, .name, .co, .cc, .tv, .mobi, .me, .net, .org, .us, .ws, KMXU945.com, Spanishforkbroadcasting.com, Spanishforkbroadcasting.net, Spanishforkbroadcasting.org, Spanishforkbroadcasting.us, Spanishforkbroadcasting.info all this to make mixutah.com easier to find on the internet!

"The Mix 94.5 and AM Stereo 930, Mixutah.com" December, 2009

The Mix has purchased an Omnia One for the station, greatly improving the on air sound!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"The Mix 94.5 and AM Stereo 930, Mixutah.com" February, 2010

The Mix has purchased new equipment for AM Stereo 930, getting it back on the air after some time off the air

"The Mix 94.5 and AM Stereo 930, Mixutah.com" February, 2015

UPDATE: Aside from programming tweaks and the addition of local voice tracking there has been no major change in our status, we have now been operating for over 20 years.

"The Death of a Friend" Payson, Utah, November 9, 2015

William "Bill" Wolverton passed away from cancer early 11/9/2015 in Payson Utah, Without Bill this station wouldn't have existed, he built all of the transmitters and financed pretty much all of the equipment, he will be sorely missed.

"Black Sunday" January 31, 2016

After 10 years for operating on Live365 as our internet stream provider has shut down due to new copyright royalty decision, this silenced thousands of independent voices in internet radio not to mention many other midsized webcasters that also shut down, Kurt Hanson from RAIN said "Bloody Sunday Decimates Internet Radio". Today I woke up in a country I don't recognize, where corporate greed and an ever more socialistic government has conspired to kill independent voices and what is the most chilling about it is it wasn't a loud death scream as you might expect, it was an almost completely silent passing...


Rest in peace Live365..


"The Day After" February 1, 2016


As for our part in this disaster, we have moved to Streamlicensing and for now we continue, for how long? We don't know, but it likely wont last long....stay tuned..............


"All Things Must Pass" June 16, 2016


At 1PM local time The Mix unceremoniously left the internet, we will continue to run our Part-15 broadcasts here locally, there are no plans at this time to return to the internet.


"A Year Later" June 16, 2017

At 1PM local time one year ago today The Mix unceremoniously with one click of a mouse left the internet, although Live365 has returned under new ownership it is now just too cost prohibitive for us to return, the price has more than doubled from what we paid on the original Live365, so there are still no plans at this time to return to the internet.

"2 Years Later" June 16, 2018

It's amazing it's been 2 years since we left the internet, what's also so amazing is how years of building, lot's of work, time and money can be erased with a single mouse click, that's all it took to end something special, also things are just not the same since Bill passed, he made this whole thing so fun, whether we were getting out 1 block on Part-15 or covering the whole town, or the world for that matter, he made it special, it never got old looking at the screen and seeing someone listening and being able to see where they were listening from and we had listeners all over the world!!!!!! We are still actively looking for those who might find reviving this thing as something worth investing in, but so far no bites, so at this time there are still no plans to return to the internet, but miracles can happen, my ship could come in, or it could rain money from the sky, we are keeping our music current and are waiting for the ability to return with a single mouse click.

"3 Years Later (Yearly Update)" June 16, 2019

It's now been 3 years since we left the internet, We are still actively looking for investors, none so far, so we can't return to the internet yet, we continue to keep our music current. Thanks for your support. Interestingly enough the company we went to for licensing after the closing of Live365 has now closed itself StreamLicensing closed it's "doors" on June 14th, even though Live365 is back they now want $80 a month if you don't want ads on your station or $60 if you will allow 4 minutes every hour, we were paying $30 a month in the days and never had ads, it's really tragic that the powers that be can destroy something beautiful.

"Yearly Update (4 Years Later)" June 16, 2020

So it's 4 years later and not much has changed here in the last year as our plans are concerned, however thanks to Spanish Fork power failure we lost our console, but it gave a good long life of 13 years, our UPS batteries went bad so we had to replace those, they gave us 12 years, life goes on.

"5 Years On" June 16, 2021

So it's now been 5 years since the shutdown of the stream, we are still looking for investors but none have materialized, So this will be the last yearly update unless something interesting happens.

"Mix Combined" June 16, 2023

So we decided on May 15th to unceremoniously combine the 2 stations into one program feed, the idea was to preserve the best of both stations, the reason for this is the rising cost of ...... well everything,. Mix 2 served Spanish Fork for 6 years.




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